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Music Schedule

Daytime and Evening

Daytime Music 10:15,11:15, 12:15, 1:45, 2:45, 3:45
Evening concerts: concession & doors open at 6:00 pm concert starts 7:00 pm
Friday April 24
Daytime: Nathan Cobb & Friends
Evening Performers: Dulcimer Jamboree Weekend
            Feature Concert Aubrey Atwater & Elwood Donnelly
               Russell Cook   Duane Porterfield  
Saturday April 25
Daytime: Possum Juice
Evening Performers: Dulcimer Jamboree Weekend
      Jeff Hames   Jess Dickinson   Aubrey & Elwood
         Jack and Mary Giger - Klinkhammer Songs   Larry Conger
Tuesday April 28
Daytime: Sheryl Irvine
Evening: Closed
Wednesday April 29
Daytime: Old Timers
Evenings Performers: Dave Smith   Leatherwoods   Herbin League   Twang   Wharf Rats
Thursday April 30
Daytime: 5 South
Evening Performers: Possum Juice   Smith n Jensen   Bess Kelley & Friends   Dave Brancecum
Friday May 1
   Daytime: Mary Parker & Friends        *** 2-3 p.m. Still on the Hill
    Evening: Feature Concert Sill on the Hill
               Old Timers   Mary Parker & Friends   Switchback Road
Saturday May 2
   Daytime: Nathan Cobb       *** 2-3 p.m. Roy Pilgrim
   Evening: Feature Concert Roy Pilgrim
               Nathan Cobb & Friends   Mulligan Stew   Flathoof Stringband
Musicians perform from 2-3 with a picking to follow.  Bring your instruments and join in the fun. Schedule subject to change
   Group:  Upjumpers
Tuesday  May 5
   Daytime: Fog on the Mountain
   Evening: Closed
Wednesday May 6
   Daytime: Flathoof Stringband
   Evening: Leatherwoods   Woodsong   Prestin Garey   Odel Jackson   Jack & Mary
Thursday May 7
   Daytime: Carolyn Carter
   Evening: Carolyn Carter   Possum Juice   Peck of Peppy Pickers   John Severs   Backwoods Arkansaw
Friday May 8
   Daytime: Whoa Mule!
   Evening: Nathan Cobb & Friends   Mulligan Stew   Mary Parker & Friends   Dave Brancecum
               Scott Poole & Gabi Pervis
Saturday May 9
   Daytime: Grace Stormont
   Evening: Feature Concert Jay Ungar & Molley Mason
               Twang   Smith & Jensen   Flate Broke
Tuesday May 12
   Daytime: Sheryl Irvine
   Evening: Closed
Wednesday May 13
   Daytime: Uncle Dave & Friends
   Evening: Harmony   Flathoof Stringband   Bob Olivera   Old Timers   Wiede Family
Thursday May 14
   Daytime: Prestin Garey
   Evening: Thumbpicking Weekend
              Feature Concert    Danny Dozier   Randy Buckner
                  Ruby Pines
Friday May 15
   Daytime: Clancey Ferguson & Friends
   Evening: Thumbpicking Weekend
                Feature Concert   Ben Hall   Danny sozier
                     Clancey Ferguson
Saturday May 16
   Daytime: Glover Family
   Evening: Thumbpicking Weekend
               Feature Concert   Thom Bresh
                        Flat Broke
Tuesday May 19
   Daytime: Fog on the Mountain
   Evening: Closed
Wednesday May 20
   Daytime: Long Ago Stringband
   Evening: Smith & Jensen   Nathan Cobb & Friends   Grace Stormont   Bess Kelley & Friends
               Possum Juice  
Thursday May 21
   Daytime: Cindy Rice
   Evening: Mulligan Stew   Long Ago Stringband   Scrap Iron   Woodsong   Wharf Rats
Friday May 22
   Daytime: Woodsong
   Evening: Switchback Road   Fog on the Mountain   Bona Fide Stringband   Mary Parker & Friends
               Odel Jackson
Saturday May 23
   Daytime: Possum Juice
   Evening: Featured Concert Willie Watson
               Lazy Goat Stringband
Sunday May 24      ***Memorial Weekend***
   Daytime: Sibling Rivalry
   Evening: Civil War on the Sylamore (click here for more information)
Monday May 25      ***Memorial Day***
   Daytime: Whoa Mule!
   Evening: Closed
Tuesday May 26
   Daytime: Sheryl Irvine
   Evening: Closed
Wednesday May 27
   Daytime: Dave Brancecum
   Evening: Possum Juice   Bess Kelley & Friends   Peck of Peppy Pickers   Scott Poole & Gabi Pervis
               Prestin Garey
Thursday May 28
   Daytime: Glover Family
   Evening:Backwoods Arkansaw   Upjumpers   Harmony   Jon Birkey   Kathy Jensen
Friday May 29
   Daytime: Nathan Cobb & Friends
   Evening: Carolyn Carter   Old Timers   Rebecca & Uncle Russell   Scrap Iron   Pretty Little Miss
Saturday May 30
   Daytime: Old Timers
   Evening: Johnny Cash Tribute
               Feature Concert W.S. "Fluke" Holland
                  Charlie White
Ticket Information: 2015 OFCSP Season Passes are good for both performances. Individual tickets are available for each performance; $12.00 single event ticket includes admission to Craft Ground and afternoon show only. $12.00 single for admission to evening concert in Large Auditorium only. Combo tickets for both shows and Craft Ground admission are $19.50. Individual tickets and seating for this event are general admission only, no reserved seats.

Call 870-269-3851 for more information or to purchase a 2015 Season Pass.