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Drawing focus

March 18 - 20, 2013

Learn how to bring a three-dimensional object into focus on a two-dimensional piece of paper.

In this class, Racheal will teach you how to use a simple technique she has developed to draw from real life or photographs. You'll learn how to use this drawing technique to create original works. It can also be used to check drawings in progress that are not working and then correct them.

Both beginning and intermediate drawing students will benefit from this class. This class is for students 16-years-old and up. Come join the fun of bringing objects into focus on paper.

You will end up with one or more finished drawings in this three day class.

Bring a pad of white paper with a light texture. You might also want to bring an ebony pencil, a kneaded eraser, a plastic eraser and photos of your subject matter. Racheal will have pencils and erasers available for students.

Class will meet Monday, March 18 in the Administration Building Lobby at 9:00 and go from there to your classroom. Class is from 9-4 with an hour break for lunch - Monday, March 18-Wednesday, March 20.

Minimum students 3/maximum 10

Total cost of class $225.00 (does not include meals and lodging)
There is a $45 nonrefundable registration fee due to the Ozark Folk Center when you sign up for this class. The $180 class fee is due to Racheal at the beginning of class.

Instructor: Racheal Mathews

Story of a fine artist - I have been gifted with a passion for visual creativity and have long ago asked God to express His character through that passion. This has formed the foundation for creating and building skills in fine arts and fine crafts over the past 40 years. I also have a passion to share my expertise in the arts with others through teaching and instruction. It is my great pleasure to serve with my gift in any way that I can. From 1970 to 1974 I studied fine arts at the University of Arizona. Short of a degree, I chose to marry and start a family, which added years of new subject matter and rich experiences to express in my art! Several years later, I took another course at the university in scientific illustration to increase my marketable abilities and learn to use a camera. It was then that I decided to focus on fine arts again instead of commercial art, which utilized computers heavily – “Give me a pencil and paper,” was my motto! Shortly after that I met a wonderful artist and teacher named Lillias Appland, who had been privately trained for 9 years by the internationally renowned southwestern painter, R. Brownel McGrew. What wonderful training I received from her for 9 years as well. I gained skills not only in understanding and mixing colors, but in portraiture and in curriculum training for teaching art to others. I started teaching drawing right away. The curriculum I use teaches classical art skills in very simple and easy to learn terms. I have used this curriculum to teach fine art skills to many satisfied students for 16 years. I also have spent many years doing commissioned works of art in oils, acrylic, pencil, pastel and crayon. Many were landscapes, many were portraits and some of my work also includes murals. While I lived in Tucson, I was an active member of the Tablerock Art Guild, receiving many awards for my artworks and teaching many workshops as well. In 1996 I married Skip Mathews, a coppers