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Candle Making - bee's wax and more

March 17 - 19, 2014

Learn to make beautiful, long-burning candles from bee's wax and beautiful crystaline adamantine.

In this 3-day class you’ll go beyond the basics of waxes and molds. You’ll learn how to work creatively with the medium of bees wax and adamantine to make candles that are uniquely your own creations. Of course, you’ll get a solid background in waxes, molds and techniques before you branch out to explore. Mold preparation and found molds will also be covered. Some special effects with tapers and molds will cap off the class.

Register now - Registration deadline for this class is 3-1-14.

Total Class cost (does not include meals and lodging) - $345

Amount due to Traci at the beginning of class $345, which includes materials. She accepts cash or check.

Minimum 3 students, maximum 8

Instructor: Traci Glover

“Candle making is a lot like cooking, and I love cooking,” says Traci Glover, Ozark Folk Center chandler. “It’s a mix of art and science. You can experiment and create new things with simple ingredients.” With her husband Jeff, and their children, Fox, 10-years-old and Rori, 8-years-old, Traci has added a new light to the ancient art of candle making. The family has transformed the little shop into an interesting blend of color and scents. Their specialty is bee's wax tapers. They use the big iron dipping racks to make many candles at one time. It takes skill to make good looking, even, finished candles. It takes skill to carefully lower the rack into the vat, so the hot wax doesn’t splash or swirl around and make lumpy candles. “It’s old world tech,” says Traci. “Candles are beautiful works of art, history, science, education and talent all rolled up into one.” Candlemaking takes skill and a bit of creativity, but it's not hard, and it's as time consuming as you want it to be - “It’s a work of art that appeals to modern people’s need for instant gratification,” Traci explains. “Anyone can do it. It’s a simple expression of creativity.”